2021 ACVIM Forum FAQs


2021 ACVIM Forum FAQs

We understand you may have a lot of questions about the 2021 ACVIM Forum. It's our hope that we can answer your questions and provide you with the most information possible. We hope you will join us virtually for the 2021 ACVIM Forum on June 9-12, 2021!

Why is the 2021 ACVIM Forum going virtual?

In September of 2020, we asked members to share their thoughts regarding the 2021 ACVIM Forum in Louisville, KY. We considered member feedback about the uncertainty surrounding the safety and ease of travel and large gatherings next year as well as other factors and are excited to announce the 2021 ACVIM Forum will be virtual. 

The ACVIM is dedicated to delivering the highest quality and most relevant content during this time of uncertainty and believe in our obligation to lead through practicing behaviors that prioritize the health of our community. The virtual 2021 ACVIM Forum will be live June 9-12 and available on demand for 3 months. 

While we all miss the opportunities for face-to-face connections, we are confident that when we meet again in-person, the ACVIM Forum will be even more robust, featuring in-person presentations alongside virtual offerings. The expertise gained from the quick transition in 2020 and the broader experiences we plan for the 2021 ACVIM Forum will set us up for long-term success in providing the educational content you want, wherever you are and with access to even more sessions than before.

When will registration open?

Registration will open in the spring of 2021.

When will the 2021 ACVIM Forum be held?

The virtual 2021 ACVIM Forum will be a blend of live-streamed, simulive (pre-recorded with interactive components, including Q&A) and on demand sessions June 9-12, 2021 and available on demand for 3 months following the live event.

How long will access to the virtual content be available?

The virtual event will be live-streamed for 4 days (June 9-12, 2021) and available for 3 months on demand afterward.

What type of content can I expect?

You will see the same high-caliber sessions you expect from an in-person ACVIM Forum. With RACE-approved CE and new research available, we will bring you a wide variety of specialty program and technician tracks. Additionally, the Virtual Solutions Center will offer the latest industry products and services. 

How will the live sessions be delivered in a virtual environment?

Live sessions will be delivered through 2 different delivery methods. A few key sessions and panel discussions will be delivered through a live broadcast feed in real-time. Lecture-based sessions will primarily be delivered in a simulive (or simulated live) format that also qualifies for live RACE CE credits. These sessions will be a blend of pre-recorded speaker lectures delivered at a set time and followed by a live Q&A or discussion with the speaker. During the session presentation, the speaker will be actively monitoring the chat feature answering questions from the audience. The simulive delivery helps preserve the attendee experience should a speaker experience a technical difficulty and with the speaker monitoring the chat during the session that would not be accommodated during a real-time delivery.

When will the program schedule be available?

Session programming with start soon. You will see the same high-caliber sessions you expect form an in-person ACVIM Forum. With RACE-approved CE and new research available, we will bring you a wide variety of specialty program and technician tracks. Refer to ACVIMForum.org to get the latest on programming or sign up to be a 2021 ACVIM Forum Insider here

What is the plan for speakers?

Session programming will start soon. Keep an eye out for the call for research abstracts in January and check the speaker page for on additional scientific content needed. All 2020 speakers will be communicated with as planning efforts re-start.

What will the registration fee be for the virtual 2021 ACVIM Forum?

Pricing for the 2021 ACVIM is not finalized at this time and will be made available early next year.

I normally attend a SIG meeting, will those be offered?

We will work closely with our official, approved Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to offer time during the live program for the group to meet virtually.

Will there be networking opportunities?

Dedicated virtual networking offerings will provide the ability for connection we have all been missing during the pandemic. 

What are the platform system requirements too access the 2021 ACVIM Forum event?

The ACVIM Forum team is actively working to identify the best virtual platform to optimize our program in a virtual environment. Once the ACVIM has a platform chosen, all participants will receive communications with system requirements to access the virtual event.

I am a new ACVIM Diplomate and I was supposed to receive my specialty certificate, what now?

Congratulations on your accomplishment and we are disappointed not to share in this achievement in person. We are still in the process of developing our plan on how to recognize this accomplishment and will be in touch with more details. Please reach out to Membership@ACVIM.org if you have any additional questions. 

What about exhibitors and sponsors?

Our virtual environment will offer the opportunity for our exhibitor and sponsor partners to provide the latest in innovative products and services to attendees. To learn more about exhibit and sponsor opportunities visit our webpage here.

Will ACVIM committee meeting during the ACVIM Forum still happen?

All ACVIM committees will continue to meet as business needs warrant and committee leaders will work with their staff liaisons to ensure committees are enabled to continue to effectively meet their objectives.

How will the exams be impacted?

The 2021 exams will be administered electronically (computer-based testing) using remote proctoring software. Using an electronic administration platform, coupled with Advanced Automated Remote Proctoring, will allow candidates to take their exams in a secure location of their choosing without the need for travel or relying on available facilities or in-person proctors. The LAIM Specialty exam is scheduled for January 14-15, 2021, General exam is scheduled for Thursday, May 6, 2021 and the Cardiology, Neurology, Oncology and SAIM Specialty exams are scheduled for June 6-7, 2021.

In the months leading up to each exam, ACVIM will communicate with confirmed 2021 exam registrants to approve their testing location and provide additional information about administration including, practice test instructions, security and confidentiality agreements, system compatibility requirements, remote proctoring identification verification process, invitation to a virtual Exam Q&A session and detailed instructions for exam administration day.

Will groups affiliated with the ACVIM Forum be virtual too?

All groups that meet at the ACVIM Forum have received our official cancellation notice. Please reach out directly to the affiliated group. 

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Why does the ACVIM Forum overlap with VMX?

The dates of the 2021 ACVIM Forum, June 9-12, were established years in advance due to convention center and hotel availability for large scale conferences. We began publishing those dates during the 2020 ACVIM Forum asking attendees to save the dates. We received notification of the date change for VMX, June 5-9, the day NAVC made their public announcement. We have been in contact with VMX and will work to minimize the impact for our members scheduled to present at VMX. The ACVIM Forum is still the only specialty-focused veterinary event held in the summer.

Have more questions? Please contact Forum@ACVIM.org