Call for Speakers

Call for Speakers

Call for Speakers

Thank you for your interest in speaking at the 2018 ACVIM Forum, June 13-16, 2018 in Seattle, WA. 

Throughout the year, the ACVIM requests speaker submissions through an application process. Interested speakers are requested to complete the process. Upon closing of the application process, sessions are reviewed, accepted or denied and scheduled by committees. ACVIM looks for cutting-edge, new-to-the-field, technical topics that meet the education criteria of our Diplomates. We take pride in the level of education offered to our conference attendees.

Submissions Open:
August 2017
Submission Deadline: September 13, 2017
Session Status Notifications: November 2017

If you were unable to submit your session based on direct impact from one of the various national disasters impacting the United States, and would still like to submit a session proposal, please contact Gloria Zelinsky.

Submissions Open:
January 3, 2018
Submission Deadline: January 23, 2018

If you would like to be notified as soon as the 2018 Call for Speakers is open, complete this form.

Proposal Submission Types


The Scientific Session program is comprised of a variety of session types, including Comprehensive Reviews, Clinical Workshops and Post-Graduate Courses. 

Comprehensive Review lectures cover a review of fundamental principles of disease or an area of applied medicine. The 50–minute lectures provide an extensive, critical, up–to–date overview of a topic that is directly or indirectly applicable to veterinary internal medicine. Content is derived from evidence-based reports and similar sources with minimal inclusion of empirical information. The subject matter goes well beyond an advanced graduate or advanced professional student/resident lecture in complexity and depth. 

Clinical Workshops are interactive lectures with advanced medicine cases or pertinent topics presented and discussed in an informal setting. Clinical examples illustrate the most current diagnostic and treatment methods, and demonstrate a problem–based approach to managing complex disease 

Post-Graduate Courses, offered in a mini–course format, are a series of advanced level lectures on a topic of clinical interest. Each course includes a critical current overview but may also incorporate clinical case examples and other case material. Courses may include two, three or four 50–minute consecutive lectures on a thematic topic.


The Interactive Session application process for the 2018 ACVIM Forum closes September 13, 2017. The Interactive Session program is designed to engage attendees in smaller discussions or hands-on settings. These sessions typically occur at designated times within the program that do not happen simultaneously with the Scientific Session program. Interactive Session formats vary from session to session and can be typically categorized as follows: 

  • Case Discussions – A session that centers around a specific case and uses case materials to illustrate principles of veterinary internal medicine.
  • Lunch and Learn – Sessions that are educational in nature but occur over the lunch time frame and include a lunch meal. Sponsorship is required in order to provide meal service.
  • Commercial Presentations – Sessions supported or presented by a corporate entity. Contact Leah Gayheart for additional information (
  • Breakfast with the Experts – Morning sessions that offer a limited attendee size (in most instances) focusing on in-depth discussion with experts on the topic. These sessions are selected by the Forum program chair and assistant chair.
  • Workshops – Short courses that demonstrates the practical application of skills and principles using animal models, videotapes or slides, and/or one that encourages free discussion or exchange of ideas.

Interactive Session recommended guidelines include: 

  • When presenting topics that cross over specialty areas, participants are strongly encouraged to work in tandem with a specialist in the corresponding area relevant  to the presentation. 
  • Speakers may present two years out of any three year period. This allows for rotation in speakers and in topic areas presented. 

Additional fees and pre-registration may apply to some Interactive Sessions. Maximum attendee levels may pertain to specific sessions to limit attendance size to allow for greater interaction.



Research Reports are 25-minute sessions presented at the ACVIM Forum by active researchers in the field, and permit active researchers the opportunity to present new findings using an extended abstract format. Post-doctoral fellows may be considered.

ACVIM candidates, other residents, interns, graduate students, undergraduate students or professional students cannot be considered in this category

Research Report submissions will open in January of 2018.


Anyone may submit abstracts to be considered in the research abstract category. ACVIM candidates may be eligible for the Resident Research Award. Awards will be given to selected Research Abstract presenters (or poster authors) who are active residents in an approved ACVIM training program, or who have completed an ACVIM approved residency within the last six months but are not yet ACVIM Board-certified. These abstracts will be judged on the quality of both the research and oral or poster presentation.

Research Abstract submissions will open in January of 2018.



More information coming soon.