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ACVIM Forum Research Reports and Research Abstracts

Research reports are presented at the ACVIM Forum by active researchers in the field, and permit active researchers the opportunity to present new findings using an extended abstract format. Post-doctoral fellows may be considered, but ACVIM Candidates, other residents, interns, graduate students, undergraduate students or professional students cannot be considered in this category.

Anyone may submit abstracts to be considered in the research abstract category. ACVIM Candidates may be eligible for the Resident Research award. Awards will be given to selected research abstract presenters (or poster authors) who are active residents in an approved ACVIM training program, or who have completed an ACVIM approved residency within the last 6 months but are not yet ACVIM Board-certified. These abstracts will be judged on the quality of both the research and oral or poster presentation.

2015 ACVIM Resident Research Award Winners

Rosemary Cuming - Auburn University (Equine)
Ex Vivo Equine Subconjucntival Injection Characteristics and In Vitro Release Profiles of Voriconazole From a PLGA-PEG-PLGA Thermogel

Amy Stieler – University of Florida (Equine)
Effect of Rifampin on Erythromycin-Induced Anhidrosis in Foals

Thibaud Kuca – Auburn University (Food Animal)
Chronic (Vagal) Indigestion in Adult Dairy Cattle: A Retrospective Study of 52 Cases (2004-2013)

Melanie Hezzell - University of Pennsylvania (Cardiology)
Pre-Specified Escalation of Medical Therapy Reduces Plasma NT-proBNP Concentrations in Dogs with Stable CHF Due to Mitral Valve Disease

Jill Hicks - University of Georgia (Neurology)
Evaluation of Temozolomide and Gadolinium Conjugated PLGA Microcylinders in the Canine Brain

Crystal Garnett - University of California, Davis (Oncology)
Fixed Dose Rate Gemcitabine in the Cat

Danielle Davignon - Cornell University Hospital for Animals (SAIM, Endocrinology)
Effect of Non-Thyroidal Illness on Serum Concentrations of T4, Free T4 and Thyroid Stimulating Hormone in Cats
Andrew Woolcock - University of Georgia (SAIM, Endocrinology)
Evaluation of the Use of Baseline Cortisol to Monitor Twice-Daily Trilostane Therapy in Dogs with Spontaneous Hyperadrenocorticism

Alexandra Hamilton - Veterinary Specialty Hospital of San Diego (SAIM, Hepatology)
Serum Markers of Vitamin B Metabolism in Cats with Hepatic Lipidosis

Claire Fellman - Mississippi State University (SAIM, Pharmacology)
Effects of Aspirin and Cyclosporine on Canine T-Cell Cytokines and Regulatory T-Cells