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Virtual Press Room

The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) is proud to announce the 2014 ACVIM Forum from June 4-7, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee. The ACVIM Forum is the continuing education meeting for veterinarians interested in cutting-edge information, technology, and research in the areas of Cardiology, Neurology, Oncology, and Small and Large Animal Internal Medicine.

This virtual press room offers you an overview of the scientific information being presented at the 2014 ACVIM Forum, as well as background on the ACVIM and information on media events, including our Animal Survivor event.

In the coming months, ACVIM will have more news to share with you.  Please let us know if you have any questions, need more information, would like to receive press credentials for the meeting or would be interested in scheduling future interviews with veterinarians providing presentations at the 2014 sessions.

Laurie Nelson
Marketing Manager
303.231.9933 or 800.245.9081 (US and Canada only)