A Note From ACVIM President

A Note From ACVIM President

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Dear Colleagues,

I am honored to be the president of the ACVIM for 2017-2018 and will serve you to the best of my abilities.  I want to assure you that the ACVIM is working hard to keep the college moving forward to better serve its members.

The 2017 ACVIM Forum at the National Harbor was a great success. Over half of our membership and other interested veterinarians attended and enjoyed over 481 hours of cutting edge educational topics.  One of the highlights of the membership luncheon held during the forum is the presentation of the Robert W. Kirk Award for Professional Excellence and the ACVIM Distinguished Service Award.  Dr. Carolyn Henry received the Kirk award.  Dr. Henry developed the oncology program at the University of Missouri into one of international renown.  She has served as the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, the one health/one medicine facilitator of Mizzou Advantage and the Associate Director of Research at Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, garnering many awards for her work during this time.  Currently Dr. Henry is serving as interim dean of the Veterinary College at the University of Missouri.  Dr. Jean Hall received the service award.  Many of you know Dr. Hall as she led the Board of Regents from 2008-2013 (vice-president, president-elect, president, chair of the BOR, immediate past chair).   Dr. Hall also served the ACVIM continuously in many other volunteer positions for over 20 years.   The recipients of these prestigious awards are nominated by you and your colleagues. Please consider nominating a worthy candidate for 2018. Nomination forms may be found here.

The strategic plan continues to be a top Board priority.  One of the strategic tactics is to improve the educational benefit of the ACVIM Forum.  To maximize the benefit and success of the ACVIM Forum - the ACVIM engaged a consulting firm to analyze the last 3 years of data from the ACVIM Forum as well as attend this year’s event. The final report is pending, however one of the recommendations for improvement has already been implemented. Submission dates for general scientific presentations, research reports and abstracts have been moved to later in the year in order to ensure the latest information will be presented. Please visit here for the current submission forms and dates.

Another strategic objective is to improve residency training and the certification process.  Part 1 of the certification manual (CM) (the portion of the CM that applies to all specialties) has been posted here for your review. The vote for the membership to adopt part 1 will take place July 24 – August 7th.  If part 1 of the CM passes then part 2 of the CM (specific to each specialty) will be posted for review and vote.  Many of your fellow Diplomates have worked long and hard on the CM. Please give it your attention and be sure to vote. 

After careful review of new laws governing 501(c)3 charities, the BOR determined that it was no longer financially possible to maintain the ACVIM Foundation.  The ACVIM Foundation has been formally dissolved and the remaining funds contributed to the Morris Animal Foundation (with the exception of funds restricted to food animal medicine). Morris Animal Foundation (MAF) was chosen as their mission is similar to ours and the presence of many ACVIM Diplomates on their Advisory Board.  Additionally many recipients of grants from MAF have been ACVIM Diplomates.  Restricted funds from the ACVIM Foundation carry the same requirements forward to MAF.

I am pleased to report that the ACVIM central office moved into our new home in Greenwood Village, also known as the Denver Tech Center, in March. The new office space is more conducive to staff collaboration, provides for the safety of staff and visitors and is in a location more attractive to job seekers. In addition, the property includes a large space that can be used for Board meetings and educational events.

Most importantly I want to thank all of the many volunteers that make the ACVIM the vibrant college it is. Without the enthusiasm and commitment of our colleagues, none of the programs and activities of the college would be possible.  If you have not yet volunteered, please consider doing so.  The volunteer form, which allows you to select your area of interest, can be found here.

Susan L. White
ACVIM President