A Note From ACVIM President

A Note From ACVIM President

News Room

Dear Fellow Diplomates, 

I am pleased to introduce Beatrice Meyer, PhD, our interim CEO, who began her duties on January 22. Beatrice has an extensive background in leading non-profit organizations and has provided leadership training in both business and academia. She will help keep the many initiatives of the central office moving forward during this time of transition as we search for a permanent CEO.  

The search for a permanent CEO is underway. We have engaged a search firm, Tuft Associates, which specializes in nonprofit organizations and has worked for veterinary and certifying organizations in the past. The ACVIM search committee has a representative from each specialty and includes specialists in private practice, industry and academia. We are hopeful we will be able to hire a CEO by June, to be introduced at the Forum. 

The 2018 Forum will be held in Seattle, Washington. The Specialty Symposium will be held Wednesday, June 13, with the regular Forum programming beginning Thursday, June 14 and running through Saturday, June 16. Forum registration is open and can be found on our newly redesigned Forum webpage making the process of registration easier and faster than it has been in the past. Upon registering, you will receive a link to book your hotel in your emailed registration confirmation. We encourage you to book your room through our block at one of the three official conference hotels. Access to book accommodations for the 2018 ACVIM Forum is only for registered attendees and exhibitors. 

The Board of Regents (BOR) recently approved a new position on the BOR for a specialist in private practice that will be open (by election) to private practice specialists in any of the specialties. One of the responsibilities of this position will to be to work with the Marketing and Communications Committee. The addition of another position on the BOR requires a change in the ACVIM constitution. The Constitution and By-Laws Committee is currently revising the constitution to include this change as well as others. A vote by the membership to either approve or deny changes in the constitution will occur later this year. Please keep abreast of ACVIM news for the call to vote. 

The BOR recognizes the need to foster the professional development of veterinary clinician-scientists who will advance animal health in our disciplines. Thus, the BOR is providing two $25,000 fellowships in clinical, translational or basic science research, and two $25,000 fellowships in Advanced Clinical Training. These fellowships are for support of ACVIM Diplomates or Candidates that have completed residency-training programs within the last 2 years and who wish to pursue an advanced training program for a minimum of 1 year. The fellowships will provide salary support for training opportunities for fellows committed to a career in veterinary research or advanced specialty clinical medicine; the institution providing the training is expected to provide a match for our funding. For more information and to download the call for proposals, go to: http://www.acvim.org/Awards-Grants/Fellowships. The proposals due date is March 5, 2018 by 4:59 PM MST. 

The ACVIM will also be offering resident research grants for up to $10,000 each for the next three years. Information and grant application materials will be available soon. Please keep abreast of ACVIM news for the announcement. 

A new software platform for electronic submission of RTP and credential paperwork is currently being researched in order to simplify electronic filing completion and decrease the amount of time candidates, Program Directors and Supervising Diplomates spend in record keeping. Resubmission of annual forms should be greatly streamlined as previous information will auto populate. Our current projection is that the first phase will go live in July, 2018. The ACVIM office staff is anticipating further custom development over time so that all records (for example, maintenance of credentials) will be carried on the same platform and greatly reduce the amount of time spent by Diplomates and office staff in recording required information.  

A goal of the BOR is to simplify the examination taking process. To that end, our immediate objectives are to move the examinations into regional testing centers and to offer multiple day windows. Providing multiple site testing should greatly reduce or eliminate travel requirements and cost for candidates. Flexible timing will better accommodate the personal needs of residents as well as their programs. The LAIM Specialty Examination was given this month at testing centers, as it was in 2017. The LAIM examination was chosen as the pilot for use of testing center because it is completely computer-based, is administered off cycle and has a modest number of candidates taking the examination. Once the process for using testing centers is refined, all specialty examinations and the General Examination are expected to follow suit. In order to move from single date/time administration to a window of administration, the examination question banks must be expanded and incorporation of images and videos must be optimized. Thus, all specialties’ examination committees will work on writing and revising questions in the exam banks to align with the Job Task Analysis (JTA), coding questions to align with the JTA results and the examination blue print. Help from Diplomates to write questions to expand question banks may be requested, so stay tuned for this opportunity to participate in the College. 

Both the new fellowships and granting opportunities and the movement toward having all examinations given at testing centers address initiatives in our strategic plan. The BOR and central office staff are working diligently to move all of the ACVIM programs and initiatives forward. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.   


Susan L. White DVM, MS, DACVIM (LAIM) 
President, ACVIM