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Job Bank/Mailing Labels

Job Bank


Recruitment postings

Do you want to reach the most qualified job candidates for a position within your institution? The ACVIM online job bank is an invaluable resource to post job openings and view resumes. With the job bank, you can also manage your online recruitment efforts. ACVIM Diplomates and other veterinary professionals seeking employment want to access the newest jobs available.

Job seekers

If you wish to expand your career or explore new possibilities, post your resume online where you can potentially reach hundreds of recruiters looking to fill their positions. Don't miss the opportunity to get noticed!

Mailing Labels

Download the Mailing Label Order Form.

Do you want to put your message in front of ACVIM Diplomates and Candidates? Mailing labels for ACVIM Diplomates and Candidates are available for purchase for a one-time use only. Labels are available in a printed format for easy mailing or in Excel file format for personalization of your mailing.

The ACVIM reserves the right to request a sample copy of the materials you will be mailing prior to the printing of the labels and to refuse the sale of its mailing labels if mailing piece is not deemed suitable. The sale of ACVIM mailing labels does not constitute ACVIM’s endorsement of vendors and/or services. Categories and costs are listed on the order form. The counts are approximate based on current numbers.