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Welcome Veterinary Practitioners!

The ACVIM encourages animal owners to obtain a referral from their veterinary practitioner whenever possible to ensure the proper transfer of medical information.  As Specialists, our ultimate goal is to help your patient so they may return to your facility for continued general care.  Here are some additional reasons to consider a referral:

  • Your patient's disease is uncommon or rare.
  • A neutral second opinion on your patient's condition is sought.
  • The outcomes of the current treatments are not as expected.
  • To obtain assistance with making a diagnosis or to confirm a diagnosis you have made.
  • Your patient requires a sophisticated diagnostic or therapeutic procedure that is offered by a referral hospital.
  • Your patient has several disease processes that may benefit from a multi-disciplinary approach.
  • Your patient requires 24-hour monitoring.
  • To help strengthen your client-patient-veterinary relationship with the assistance of a Specialist.
  • Your client would like to learn more about various treatment options,
    some of which you may not be comfortable performing or have available
    at your facility.
  • To improve your patient outcomes and return the patient to your clinic for future care.
  • To confirm your current management plan.
  • To obtain assistance in understanding a laboratory or radiographic abnormality.
  • To learn how to deal with similar cases in the future so that you may better serve your clients and patients.
  • To obtain assistance with client education.
  • To motivate the client to adhere to your medical advice.
  • To benefit medical trainees working with the Specialist.

Guidelines for Equine Veterinary Case Referral - Large Animal Internal Medicine