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Animal Survivor Stories

The Animal Survivor video series features amazing animal survivors who overcome life-threatening illnesses because of treatment by a Board-certified ACVIM Diplomate, along with the help of their owners and a general practitioner. Each animal has a unique story of survival made possible by specialty veterinary internal medicine. The Animal Survivor program is an initiative of the ACVIM, and currently we are seeking new stories about ACVIM specialists for 2014. Please click here to submit a story. The deadline is February 21.

Watch the 2013 Animal Survivor Media Event that was held on June 13 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, WA, and take a look at the following stories:


Baxter: a 7 year old male Border Collie who survived a neurological condition.


Jackson: a 10 year old male neutered Border Collie Mix who survived Anal Sac adenocarcinoma.


Lucy: a 9 year old female, Jack Russell Terrier who survived numerous internal medicine conditions.


Obie:  a 4 year old male neutered Golden Retriever that had a rostral squamous cell carcinoma.


Q: 1 year old Rocky Mountain horse who overcame Lawsonia intracellularis.