Moderator Information

Moderator Information

2019 ACVIM Forum Moderator Information

Thank you for volunteering to moderate at the 2019 ACVIM Forum. Moderating is an important role for a session’s success. Not only do you help the speakers but you help the attendees by keeping the sessions organized and on time. 

Resources for moderating are provided below and include detailed instructions, schedules, evaluation information and much more. Make sure to bookmark this page for easy access.

Scientific Session Moderator Information


Best Practices 

Sample Moderator Script

Moderator Instructions
  onDemand Scientific Session Moderator Training MS PowerPoint Slides

Moderator Schedule (includes speaker bios) - Coming May 30!

Research Abstract Moderator and Judge Information

Score Tracking Sheet 
  Moderator and Judging Instructions
  onDemand Research Abstract Moderator and Judge Training MS PowerPoint Slides

Moderator Schedule
  Moderator Schedule Grid
  Abstracts Needing Judging
Food Animal

ePoster Evaluations

Speaker Headquarters
(speaker ready room)

When you are on site at the ACVIM Forum, the Speaker Headquarters (speaker ready room) is your home base. This is where you’ll pick up your two-way radio. In addition, there are dedicated computer terminals for you to print documents and complete your session evaluations if you’re unable to do so in the session room. 

If you need to decompress you are welcome to stop by the Speaker Headquarters any time during the conference. In addition to dedicated computers, there are refreshments available.

Phoenix Convention Center N, 231 AB

Tuesday June 4:    2:00–7:00 pm
Wednesday June 5 – Friday June 7:    7:00 am – 7:00 pm

Saturday June 8:    7:00 am – 12:00 pm


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Search for ACVIM in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

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