Speaker Resource Center

Access Your Speaker Portal

Through your Speaker Portal, you may access your speaker tasks pertaining to your session(s). This portal helps you complete important speaker tasks, such as signing your contract, uploading your proceedings and presentation, and much more. Access Code will be sent via e-mail for your log-in information in December 2019.

Speaker Registration

Speakers are asked to register themselves this year for the ACVIM Forum. There are many sessions and events that require preregistration that speakers may or may not prefer to register for. Accepted speakers should have received a Speaker Discount Code via email communication and should process their registration through the Registration Speaker Task in their Speaker Portal. Please do not register prior to receiving the discount code and not outside of the Registration Speaker Task.  This Registration will open December 2019.

2020 ACVIM Forum Proceedings

All conference participants have access to the proceedings, guidelines are now available.

Proceedings Manuscript Guidelines

Proceedings Formatting Guidelines

Proceedings Samples

Welcome to the Speaker Resource Center!

Congratulations on speaking at our upcoming ACVIM Forum. Located here you will find helpful resources, tips and tools to keep in mind throughout the planning process. The term ‘Speakers’ also pertains to Moderators, Panelists, Facilitators and more.

All speakers will find their speaker contract items inside the CadmiumCD speaker portal system before June 2020. Each speaker will be provided login information to access the information required for their speaking engagement at the 2020 ACVIM Forum.

Check back on this page in 2020 for Speaker Presentation Templates and more information.

Speaker Contracts

Scientific and Interactive Session speakers will receive speaker contract information by the middle of January regarding their speaking engagement at the 2020 ACVIM Forum. A two-week turnaround is requested for completing their tasks with early deadlines.

Research Report and Research Abstract speakers will be contacted at a later time.

Along with your speaker contract, we do request one of the tax forms below be submitted through the speaker portal.

 W-9 Tax Form (U.S. Residents)

 8233 Tax Form (Non-U.S. Residents)

Speaker Reimbursements

Speaker reimbursements are based on types of sessions being presented and are outlined in the speaker agreement.

Please Note: ACVIM payments to speakers outside the U.S. will be made either by check (in U.S. funds), PayPal accounts, or wire transfers.


Check payments will be issued to the address listed on your submitted tax form.

Your speaker payment will be deposited into your PayPal account within 2 weeks of the ACVIM Forum. You will be responsible for any fees that PayPal may charge; however, these fees are significantly less  than wire transfer fees. An email address is required to process your PayPal payment.


For this option, please download the Speaker Payment Method Wire Transfer Form and Fax to Gloria at: (303) 231-0880.
  Wire Transfer Payment Form

All presentations should be created in PowerPoint™. The ACVIM has created a standard PowerPoint™ template for all speakers to use that is set up in the 16:9 aspect ratio. Below you will find 6 versions of the template with a different cover slide for you to choose from.

Version 1   Version 2   Version 3

2019_Forum_Powerpoints_16 9_Speaker Template 1_Thumbnail636834417589935752


2019_Forum_Powerpoints_16 9_Speaker Template 2_Thumbnail


2019_Forum_Powerpoints_16 9_Speaker Template 3_Thumbnail

 Download Template    Download Template    Download Template
Version 4   Version 5   Version 6

2019_Forum_Powerpoints_16 9_Speaker Template 4_Thumbnail636834418919365114


2019_Forum_Powerpoints_16 9_Speaker Template 5_Thumbnail


2019_Forum_Powerpoints_16 9_Speaker Template 6_Thumbnail

 Download Template    Download Template    Download Template

If you choose not to use the presentation template, please make sure your presentation is developed in the 16:9 aspect ratio, as that is what our AV equipment onsite will support. In addition, please ensure you have the following within your presentation slides:

  • Presentation title and speaker slide
  • REQUIRED Conflict of Interest Slide
  • Questions slide
  • Final slide with names and contact information for all speakers

Design an Effective Presentation

Your guide to designing a great presentation
According to Dale Carnegie, there are always three speeches for every one that you give: “The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave." Attendees tell us their most memorable session experiences are those that weave together a clear narrative with discussion, interaction and thought-provoking commentary around a story, project or theme. As you design your presentation, explore some of the tips and resources that the ACVIM Forum Speaker Resource Center has collected so that the presentation that you give and the one that you wish you gave are one and the same!

Face-to-face presentations
Designing attention-grabbing, audience-centered presentations should be the goal of all conference speakers. The most exciting and dynamic speaker still requires great material in order to make a great presentation. This is why presentation design is so important. The ACVIM Forum Speaker Resource Center has assembled the information below to help you build a presentation and supporting materials that will educate, influence, entertain and persuade your audience in a way that suits both the nature of the topic you are preparing to share and your personal presentation style.

Best Practices

Less is more – Your slides should contain a minimum amount of information; your slide notes, on the other hand, will contain far more content. Uploaded resources will have the most content and detail.

Avoid PowerPointless – Create slides that are complementary to your remarks, not identical. Use slides as a canvas for visual representations, graphics and photos and avoid simply “echoing” your slides in your talk.

Keep it simple – Focus on one idea per slide and remember that the number of information chunks we can recall at a time is “Seven, Plus, or Minus Two.” Assemble your presentation slide in seven chunks, plus or minus two.

Extend the conversation – It’s OK to include “information” slides with resources and the like, but don’t spend time presenting that content. Upload additional resources to your session or create a handout.

Practice, practice, practice – There is no substitute for advance preparation. Practice your presentation before your colleagues and review your session description to ensure that your presentation mirrors what has been promoted.

Audio Visual

Each room will be equipped with the following equipment:

  • Presentation computer
  • LCD projector and screen
  • Appropriate microphones for type of session
  • Wireless slide advancer

All primary presenters will be requested to submit and confirm all AV requests through the speaker portal by March 31, 2020.

Speaker Headquarters (speaker ready room)

ACVIM will be hosting a Speaker Headquarters (speaker ready room) again in 2020 and on-site check-in is REQUIRED for all presenters! This is to allow for all final presentations to be uploaded into the system. All meeting rooms are provided with presentation computers and are networked to a central server located in the Speaker Headquarters. This allows for our audio-visual partner, COGENT, to feed the presentation into an additional room if the room reaches maximum capacity and we are forced to overflow the audience.

The Speaker Headquarters will be open Tuesday, June 9 through Saturday, June 13. Open hours for the Speaker Headquarters will be posted upon finalization of schedule. Please plan on check-in at the Speaker Headquarters four hours BEFORE your presentation!

Presenters are encouraged to bring their own memory device to the Speaker Headquarters if any changes have been made to the presentation after submitting or if you would like to save an edited version from the computers in the Speaker Headquarters. 

All presentations should be created in PowerPoint™. The ACVIM has created a standard PowerPoint™ template for all speakers to use. If you are creating your presentation in Prezi, on an Apple device, please ensure to include the Disclosure slide.

COGENT will be on hand in the Speaker Headquarters to assist with any questions or assist in any way possible. In addition, here are a few more things you will be able to do in this room:

  • Get help with technology questions
  • Check to make sure all fonts appear as expected
  • Make last-minute changes to your presentation
  • Ensure any video clips or sound requirements are working properly
  • Print your presentation
  • Meet with your co-presenters to review your presentation

When the presentation is to be given, the file will be accessed via the conference menu on the computer in the meeting room. Once the presentation is launched, you (the speaker) will control the program from the podium using a computer mouse.

The best way to ensure your success is to come by the Speaker Headquarters on site. There are technicians there ready to assist you.

Speaker Headquarters Hours

 Tuesday, June 9 2:00 - 7:00 pm 
 Wednesday, June 10 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
 Thursday, June 11 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
 Friday, June 12 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
 Saturday, June 13 7:00 am - 12:00 pm
To help you promote your participation as a speaker at the ACVIM Forum, we have created a Speaker Promotion Toolkit. Below, you will find useful tips on promoting your session through social media, videos, banners, and more.

Engage yourself in ACVIM's social channels. Don't just follow us, but get involved in conversations and encourage attendance to YOUR session--provide followers with an insider's look at what will be discussed.

2020 ACVIM Forum banners will be available March 2020.