A Note From ACVIM President

A Note From ACVIM President

News Room

January 2019

Dear Fellow ACVIM Diplomates,

This time of year provides an opportunity to reflect on the year that has just ended, and also to look forward to the coming year. In that light, I’d like to update you on Board of Regents and ACVIM staff activities.

Grants and Awards
This past year included the 2018 ACVIM Fellowship award cycle and launched the first call for proposals for the new ACVIM Resident Research Grants, which were awarded in December. Both programs generated a strong pool of diverse applications.  Click here to view the recent award recipients so you can congratulate them!  

The current call for ACVIM Resident Research Grants is open until March 15th. This grant program can provide up to $10,000 to support a resident research project, so please bring it to the attention of your residents. A second call will go out later this year. Information can be found at  https://www.acvim.org/Awards-Grants/Fellowships_Grants 

Staff News
Recently, the ACVIM headquarters underwent renovation to accommodate our growing staff. I am happy to announce that the staff moved back into the office now that construction is complete. The re-configured space has already been put to use with the addition of three, much-needed new employees in late 2018. Please join me in welcoming these new staff members!  

Melanie Buchanan came on board with ACVIM as the Senior Staff Accountant.  Melanie has 20 years of non-profit and for-profit experience in accounting and finance, most recently at the Colorado League of Charter Schools where she was the accounting manager.   

Marin Tuin has rejoined ACVIM as Membership Specialist. We are thrilled to have her back and she has already hit the ground running in her role!  Marian will be working on membership and engagement which includes managing membership renewals, student chapters and all the awards. 

Tiffany Plageman, joined us as the Governance Specialist. Tiffany, a certified veterinary technician, spent the last 7 years as Accreditation Specialist and Practice Consultant at AAHA. Tiffany will work on volunteer management, be the main liaison for the Specialty Presidents, work closely with the Board, and oversee policy and procedures.

Click here to view a complete list of ACVIM staff.

CEO Search
With Dr. Beatrice Meyer in place as our Interim CEO and BOR Advisor, the search for a permanent CEO is underway. The search committee is being co-chaired by Dr. Laura Garrett (ACVIM President-Elect; oncology) and myself, and the committee members are Drs. Etienne Côté  (President of Cardiology), Bill Fenner (ACVIM Professional Liaison; neurology), John MacGregor (private practice; cardiology) and Suzi White (ACVIM Board Chair; LAIM) and staff representative, Rebecca Halfhill (Director of Operations). 

After discussion with the Board of Regents and staff, it was decided that a requirement for the CEO position will be that the candidate either be a veterinarian or have extensive work experience with members of the veterinary profession. Another change is that we will not be using the services of an external search firm, instead leveraging skills within our own staff to support the committee. These changes to the position requirements and search process mean that we will need your help to bring this position to the attention of individuals in your network whom you feel would be good candidates. The position description is being developed and you will receive notification when it is posted. Suggestions or questions about the CEO search can be directed to me at armst002@umn.edu or to Laura at garrett1@illinois.edu.

Lastly, the Board of Regents decided not to undertake a strategic planning update process until we have a new CEO in place so that he/she can be part of the process.  The presence of the new CEO will be essential as we fine-tune our organization’s direction, priorities, and strategies.

LAIM Examination

For the 2nd year, the LAIM Specialty Examination was held at PSI regional testing centers. While we, thankfully, experienced no weather-related issues this year, there were a handful of technology-related issues. We will be working closely with ACVIM staff and PSI to ensure such issues are minimized moving forward, and appreciate the LAIM Specialty’s willingness to ‘test and learn’ on behalf of the College as a whole.

I hope your 2019 plans include attending the ACVIM Forum taking place June 6th-8th in Phoenix. The Specialty Symposium is Wednesday June 5th.  Registration and housing opened on Monday, January 14th!   Register soon at https://www.acvim.org/ACVIM-Forum/HOME to be part of another memorable Forum.

ACVIM is a great association. Thanks for being part of it.

With very best wishes,

Jane Armstrong, DVM, MS, MBA, Diplomate ACVIM (SAIM)
President, ACVIM