Share Your Success Stories

Share Your Success Stories

Patient Stories: Highlighting Your Successes

Patient stories will feature animals who have overcome life-threatening illnesses because of treatment by a Board-certified ACVIM Diplomate, along with the help of their owners and a general practitioner. Each animal has a unique story of survival made possible by specialty veterinary internal medicine. By highlighting these inspiring success stories, we hope to show the animal owning public the value of veterinary specialty medicine and the Triad of Care in action!

We need YOUR help to build this campaign!

Is there a story or patient from your career that stands out in your mind? Have you worked with an animal owner who would be excited to share their pet’s journey? Help us promote veterinary specialty medicine by submitting it! We've created two story submission forms: one for veterinary specialists and the other for animal owners.

Veterinary Specialist Submission Form    Animal Owner Submission Form 

Penny's Battle With Bone Cancer

For an example of a completed success story, read Penny's story on