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Call for Sessions

Call for Sessions: August 30-September 25, 2022


Call for Research Abstract Submissions: January 4-25, 2023


The 2023 ACVIM Forum Call for Sessions is open!

This year is the 40th anniversary of the ACVIM Forum which will take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania June 15-17 with Specialty Symposium on June 14th. The ACVIM Forum is held annually and strives to be a premier, specialty-focused, must-attend conference. We cater to specialists, specialists in training, general practitioners interested in advanced educational opportunities and veterinary technicians. We work closely with specialized planning groups to develop our program and two times throughout the year, the ACVIM opens a call for session through an online submission process. Submissions for different session types follow separate submission timelines with the call in the fall focusing on scientific programming and the winter call focusing on research abstract submissions. All interested speakers are requested to complete the online submission process. Session submissions for the ACVIM Forum should be high level, cutting-edge, new-to-the-field, technical topics that meet the advanced education criteria of our participants. We take pride in the level and caliber of education offered to our conference attendees.

The Call for Sessions online submission portal gives individuals the opportunity to submit session proposals to present at the ACVIM Forum. For our scientific and general programming, we highly encourage submissions that facilitate audience engagement. All completed applications received through the portal, prior to the deadline, will be reviewed and given full consideration by our review committees. Sessions with audience engagement components will be prioritized during the selection process for delivery in the live, in-person event. On demand, virtual sessions will also be available. Speakers are encouraged to hold the program dates until final notification of session status.  

Below you will find information on important dates, session submission types and session formats. Prior to submission, please ensure you are available to participate in the conference. Click on each submission type for more detailed information and proposal guidelines. 

Questions? Contact the ACVIM Forum Team -

What are the different session types?

All program submissions should be targeted toward veterinary specialists and experienced technicians. General practitioners with the desire to participate in advanced programming are encouraged to attend.  Session lengths may vary to reflect the necessary time to deliver the proposed content. When presenting topics that cross over specialty areas, participants are strongly encouraged to work in tandem with a specialist in the corresponding area relevant to the presentation.   

Session Submission Types

What are the different session formats?

The ACVIM Forum offers sessions in a variety of formats and will be delivering sessions both in-person and virtually during this hybrid event. Sessions that are difficult to be presented virtually will be prioritized for in-person delivery, based on sessions reviews and programming decisions. Live sessions that are able to translate to online delivery may be captured and made available to virtual participants. Opportunities are available to engage attendees in smaller discussions or hands-on settings.

Session formats vary and can be typically categorized as follows:

  • Case Discussions – Case-based reviews with audience participation incorporated into session delivery.
  • Expert Round Table Discussions –An organized conversation with one moderator plus one designated expert in the field per table, bringing a variety of perspectives to one subject or a variety of subjects within a theme for table discussions.
  • Panel Discussion – A group of experts discuss a topic from varying perspectives and elicits audience questions.
  • Workshop – Short courses that demonstrates the practical application of skills and principles using animal models, videotapes, or slides and/or one that encourages free discussion or exchange of ideas.
  • Hands-on Lab – Small group dry labs offer limited hands-on, skill-based experiences.
  • Interactive Lecture – Single or multi-presenter lecture-based sessions with audience participation. Interactive components can include: think-pair-share, audience discussion opportunities, posed questions to the audience, audience movement within the room, audience polling, and other interactive techniques.
  • Didactic Lecture Only – Single or multi-presenter sessions with no dedicated opportunities for audience participation aside from Q&A at the end of the session. Material delivery is lecture-based only.  

Additional Session Formats

Additional fees and pre-registration may apply to some sessions and will be determined by the ACVIM office. Maximum attendee levels may pertain to specific sessions to limit attendance size to allow for greater interaction. Please be as specific as possible during the submission process to outline your session needs, including recommended fees, unique technical requirements, session capacities and more.

Session Sponsorships

All sponsorships must be handled through the ACVIM office. No recognition will be provided without the involvement of the ACVIM office. Please indicate recommended sponsorship opportunities and companies within your submission and the ACVIM Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships will follow up pending session acceptance. For any questions, contact Leah Gayheart at

Hybrid Offerings

The ACVIM Forum 2023 will include a virtual component. In-person and virtual offerings are listed below:
  • In-person: live program sessions are taking place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A portion of in-person sessions may be captured during the live event and delivered in the on demand virtual offering. A small number of sessions will be chosen to be live streamed for a virtual audience.
  • On demand: virtual sessions will complement the in-person, live sessions and be available to both the in-person and virtual audience. On demand sessions will focus on session topics that are successfully delivered in a virtual environment and are primarily lecture-based. All on demand offerings will be available through the end of October 2023.

The virtual component of the ACVIM Forum 2023 will continually evolve until registration opens, evaluating the highly regarded aspects of the 2022 event.

Important Dates


Includes scientific, technician and general programming sessions. General programming includes sessions focusing on business, leadership, communication, education, research and wellbeing content. 

August 30, 2022


September 25, 2022

Session Status Notifications:

December 2022

January 4, 2023

January 25, 2023

Research Abstract Status Notifications: March 2023


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