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Primary Care Veterinarian

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    Primary Care Veterinarian

    Partnering With an ACVIM Board-Certified Veterinary Specialist

    As a veterinarian, you likely got into the field of medicine for one reason, you you care about animals. Yet in order to enhance and extend their lives, there are times when primary care veterinarians must turn to a trusted partner for added expertise, specialty advice or access to the latest technology.

    Ninety-five percent of primary care veterinarians surveyed say their experiences are positive when partnering with the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine’s (ACVIM) Board-certified specialists.1

    So, what makes these partnerships great?

    1. ACVIM’s Board-certified specialists provide practical solutions that enhance patients’ care.
    2. Their support opens new doors for your business. You’ll confidently treat complex cases involving neurology, cardiology, oncology and internal medicine conditions.
    3. Bringing in a specialist to consult on a case is in the best interest of the patient and the animal’s owner. Early insights in the process help primary care practitioners prevent a decline in their patients’ health and the possibility of more extreme or expensive interventions later.
    4. Animal owners want access to a range of choices including specialty expertise. Ninety-one percent of primary care practitioners say that owners appreciate being offered a referral to a specialist.2

    ACVIM Member Engagement Survey - Corona Research, June 2013
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    Together with a board-certified veterinary specialist and pet owner you can help create the best triad of care for the patient.


    “As a general practitioner, I value and appreciate having veterinary care specialists in the community that I can consult with and refer patients to. Sometimes our patients need specialist care for further diagnostics and treatment options that we simply cannot offer in a general practice. Working together as a team between the general veterinary practitioners, board-certified veterinary specialists and pet owners will ensure that pets are getting the highest quality of veterinary care for the highest quality of life.”
    - Andrea Putt, DVM