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Elevate Learning Platform

Elevate is the ACVIM’s new online learning platform that will launch in mid-June. All online courses that are currently available on ACVIM Online will be available on the ACVIM Elevate Learning Platform. All upcoming courses for summer 2024 and beyond will be developed and available on the Elevate platform. Any content you have purchased and not yet completed will be available to you in Elevate so you can pick up your learning where you left off. 

The Elevate Learning Platform will provide you instant access to purchased content from our easily searchable course catalog. In addition to individual CE certificates by module, you will have access to a collective CE certificate that will populate with the modules within a course you choose to complete.   

Your login experience will be the same and you will not need to create a new account. You will login to the Elevate Learning Platform through the ACVIM website with your ACVIM credentials and will be passed through to your account in the Elevate platform where you will find your courses. 

Your completed modules and transcript of learning will transition to the Elevate Learning Platform. If you are in the middle of a module (for example, you’ve completed the recorded lecture but nothing else in the module), we encourage you to attempt and pass the quiz and complete the survey in order to complete the content and earn credit for that module. If you have begun a recorded lecture and do not finish (for example, you are 30 minutes through a 55 minute recorded lecture), your progress through that recording will not transition. With that said, in Elevate you will have the ability to fast-forward to where you need to start in the recording and pick up your learning from there. 



If you are in the middle of a recorded video, please finish the video, pass the quiz and complete the survey at the end of the course or module.

If you have completed the steps for a module but have not taken the CE quiz and survey, please complete the quiz and survey. If you have completed the video but have not passed the quiz or completed the survey, you may restart the module in the new learning platform. You will have the ability to fast forward through the recorded lecture if needed.

For example, if you are enrolled in Advanced Endocrinology, you have access to 20 modules within the course. You do not need to complete all 20 modules in order for your learning data to transition. Whichever of the 20 modules you have completed, as defined by passing the quiz and completing the survey, will transition over as completed in the new platform. You will have access to the remaining modules in the new platform and will have the opportunity to complete them there.

When you login to ACVIM Online, click “Record of Learning” on the bottom left side of the page. The next page will list your in-progress and completed courses. The progress bar on the right side of the page displays your progress through each module.

You will retain access to ACVIM Online through May 20th and will be able to access the Elevate Learning Platform on May 22nd. 

Your transcript of learning from courses you’ve completed in ACVIM Online will transition and will show as complete in your Elevate account. Additionally, earned CE certificates will transition into the Elevate Learning Platform or users can pull existing records within ACVIM Online by mid-June. 

You will receive an email in mid-June announcing the launch of the Elevate Learning Platform, which will include instructions to access your account, where you will find your previously purchased content and transcript records.  

When you login to the Elevate platform for the first time, you will be prompted to walk through a brief tour of the site. The ACVIM will continue to develop and provide FAQ documents to support you in this transition. If you have additional questions, please reach out to

The ACVIM will continue to be available to you via email at and by phone at 303.231.9933 throughout the transition to ensure you have the resources and support you need. Additionally, the ACVIM will send communications via a variety of channels through and following launch.

If you have any questions, contact ACVIM at

If you have additional questions, please reach out to

ACE (Advanced Continuing Education) Courses

ACE courses are developed for ACVIM Diplomates and candidates, as well as ECEIM, ECVIM-CA and ECVN Diplomates and candidates only. Guests or children are not permitted to attend ACE courses. 

Meeting rooms at the Viticus Center are flexible in size to accommodate large and small groups, and include a state-of-the-art surgery suite for hands-on labs. Easy access to Las Vegas from most airports and reasonable airfares make it an attractive destination for travelers all over the nation, especially during the winter months. Protocols for hands-on labs are reviewed and approved by the Institutional Animal Control and Use Committee (IACUC) under regulations set forth by the United States Department of Agriculture at the Viticus Center. The ACVIM’s Animal Use Policy is strictly enforced at the facility. 

Be sure to check the individual course information when you register for cancellation deadlines. If you must cancel your registration, you will need to notify the ACVIM at 800.245.9081 or No refunds will be given if you cancel your registration after the deadline set forth during the registration process. If ACVIM cancels a course for any unforeseen reason, you will be notified immediately via email and will receive a full refund of your registration. 

In Person Courses:  Individual travel expenses incurred by you for the course will not be reimbursed should the ACVIM cancel the course. 

The AAVSB’s Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE) program develops and applies uniform standards for veterinary medicine continuing education. The AAVSB is utilizing Racetrack® to optimize the CE tracking experience for both CE providers and the AAVSB's Member Boards.  This system allows veterinary professionals the chance to record all continuing education (CE) coursework in a single centralized database and easily communicates your CE to your credentialing agencies while also allowing those authorized agencies to retrieve your CE. We do encourage all attendees of any RACE program to create a free RACEtrack  account to track their CE here.
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