Strategic Industry Partners


ACVIM Strategic Partners are organizations that supports the ACVIM vision of improving the lives of animals and people globally and mission of being the trusted leader in veterinary education, discovery and medical excellence. Strategic Partners financially contribute to multiple ACVIM continuing education programs, such as the ACVIM Forum, Advanced Continuing Education (ACE) courses and as well as supporting the ACVIM Candidates and residents.

The ACVIM is excited to partner with CareCredit to provide specialized workshops and courses focused on advanced communications skills development for ACVIM residents and specialists with the intent to improve the quality of care for pets and their families. These programs will assist in training to enhance medical care and business outcomes in the veterinary profession. The first course is currently in development.

CareCredit provides a continuum of payment to support collaborative care for pets at any enrolled veterinary hospital. Once approved, clients have a way to pay over time for the specialized care their pet needs through every stage of life. To enroll your specialty practice, call 800.300.3046 or visit Already enrolled? Call 800.859.9975 for free resources.

The ACVIM is proud to partner with the Purina Institute, to work towards our mutual goal of facilitating knowledge exchange, promoting collaboration and sharing nutritional breakthroughs. We believe science is more powerful when it is shared. The Purina Institute has partnered with the ACVIM in offering annual research grants to veterinary residents, further promoting the discovery and advances of scientific research in veterinary care.

The Purina Institute promotes global collaboration and knowledge exchange with veterinary and scientific thought leaders about proven nutritional science to help pets live better, longer lives. To learn more visit

The ACVIM is proud to partner with Royal Canin. Together we aim to make a better world for pets by providing educational support and professional development resources to the internal medicine community. Royal Canin continues to support the unique educational and financial needs of both our residents and specialists through a robust resident support program and providing content and financial funding for specialty specific advanced continuing education programs.

Royal Canin is a leader in science-based cat and dog health nutrition. Founded by a veterinarian in 1968, Royal Canin has more than 50 years of experience in delivering individualized nutritional solutions. In collaboration with an expert team of nutritionists, breeders and veterinarians from around the world, Royal Canin places cats and dogs at the central point of the innovation process. The Royal Canin product line offers a range of diets based on size, age, breed, lifestyle and therapeutic requirements. Royal Canin diets are available at veterinary hospitals and pet specialty stores nationwide. Royal Canin is a subsidiary of Mars, Incorporated. To learn more about Royal Canin, visit


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