Executive Office

 Dr. Linda Fineman

Chief Executive Officer


 Melanie Buchanan

Associate Director of Finance

Membership and Governance

 Shannon Carter

Chief Strategy Officer

 Marian Tuin

Membership Manager

 Ivy Leventhal

Publications Specialist

 Max Talley

Technology Specialist

 Erin Smith

Volunteer and Membership Engagement Specialist

 Ann Ong

Executive Office Manager

Certification & Accreditation

 Nicole Finn

Director of Certification and Accreditation

 Annie Blagg

Senior Manager, Certification and Accreditation Program

 Finn Ruehrdanz

Senior Certification and Accreditation Specialist

 Stephanie Jones

Certification and Accreditation Specialist

 Kelley Ortiz

Certification and Accreditation Specialist

 Kayla Shaw Endo

Certification and Accreditation Coordinator

Meetings, Marketing and Education

 Gena Erwin

Vice President, Meetings, Marketing and Education

 Leah Gayheart

Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships

 Dr. Liz Nahon

Associate Director, Education and Research

 April Sramek

Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications

 Mollie Boettcher

Senior Specialist, Industry Relations

 Gloria Zelinksky

Conference Specialist

 Hannah Stuhr

Exhibits and Conference Specialist

 Michelle Hardy

Content Marketing Specialist

 Allison Allelo

Graphic Design and Social Media Specialist

 Erika Picciolo

Online Learning Contractor

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