2020–2021 Board of Regents

 Dr. Laura Garrett


University of Illinois
Urbana, IL

 Dr. Harold McKenzie


Virginia-Maryland Regional CVM
Blacksburg, VA

 Dr. Jane Sykes


University of California, Davis
Davis, CA

 Dr. Jane Armstrong

Immediate Past Chair

Professor Emeritus,
University of Minnesota

 Dr. Allen Roussel



 Dr. William Fenner

Professional Liaison

MedVet Medical and Cancer Centers for Pets
Worthington, OH

 Dr. Steven Rosenthal

Cardiology President

CVCA - Cardiac Care for Pets
Towson, MD

 Dr. Chris Sanchez

LAIM President

University of Florida
Gainesville, FL

 Dr. Joan Coates

Neurology President

University of Missouri, CVM
Columbia, MO

 Dr. Ruthanne Chun

Oncology President

University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI

 Dr. Jörg Steiner

SAIM President

Texas A&M University
College Station, TX

 Dr. Paul S. Morley

LAIM At-Large Member

Texas A&M University
College Station, TX

 Dr. Karyn Harrell

SAIM At-Large Member

North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC

 Dr. Phoebe Smith

Private Practice At-Large Member

Riviera Equine Internal Medicine & Consulting
Santa Ynez, CA


Past Board Chairs

Dr. Jane Armstrong (2019-2020)
Dr. Susan White (2018-2019)
Dr. Ellen Behrend (2017-2018)
Dr. Barbara Kitchell (2016-2017)
Dr. Joe Kornegay (2015-2016)
Dr. Virginia Buechner-Maxwell (2013-2015)
Dr. Leah Cohn (2012-2013)
Dr. Jean Hall (2011-2012)
Dr. Eleanor C. Hawkins (2010-2011)
Dr. Richard LeCouteur (2009-2010)


Dr. Phillip J. Bergman (2008-2009)
Dr. Wendy A. Ware (2007-2008)
Dr. Marilyn E. Stiff (2006-2007)
Dr. Mary Rose Paradis (2005-2006)
Dr. Joe Taboada (2004-2005)
Dr. Bruce Madewell (2003-2004)
Dr. Guy Pidgeon (2002-2003)
Dr. Mark Kittleson (2001-2002)
Dr. Dick Weller (2000-2001)
Dr. Ed Breitschwerdt (1999-2000)


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