ACVIM Grant Opportunities

The ACVIM offers a variety of grant opportunities throughout the year to support the ACVIM mission of being the trusted leader in veterinary education, discovery and medical excellence.

The number of awards, fellowships and grants may vary for each opportunity.

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ACVIM Cardiology Pacemaker Fund Research Grants

In 2010, the Membership of the ACVIM Specialty of Cardiology established an annual Cardiology Research Grant. This award is intended to provide support to the ACVIM cardiology residents in their research endeavors, provided that the expenditure is consistent with the responsible stewardship of the Pacemaker Fund, which funds these grant opportunities. Maximum amounts for resident grants are $18,000 for 2023, with a $500 increase annually. Diplomate grants are funded up to $15,000. The call for Diplomate grants only occur in the spring, whereas resident grants occur in both the spring and fall.

The purpose of these grants is to provide cardiology residents an opportunity to develop grant writing skills and to support meaningful clinical research as a part of their cardiology residency training programs. The proposal should be written by the resident with careful guidance from a mentor. For the purposes of these grants, “completion” is defined as full collection of data, data analysis and final preparation of a complete manuscript. Annual progress reporting is required. 

Presentation of final data obtained from the project as an ACVIM Forum research abstract is strongly encouraged. Publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, such as the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine or the Journal of Veterinary Cardiology, is expected.

Holliday Neurology Resident Research Grant

This grant honors the memory of Dr. Terrell A. Holliday and his contributions to veterinary neurology. Dr. Holliday will be remembered as a great scientist, scholar, clinician, teacher and mentor. The purpose of this grant is to provide neurology residents with an opportunity to develop grant writing skills and to support clinical research as part of neurology residency training programs.

Applicants must be residents who are currently enrolled in an ACVIM-approved neurology residency. Only one award is allowed per resident during the residency period. All grants must be written by the resident, with guidance from a mentor. The proposed project must be completed before the end of the residency period.

Submission of the results of the study for presentation as a research abstract at the ACVIM Forum is required. A peer-reviewed publication is strongly encouraged. Annual reports are required until the research is completed. 

Holliday Neurology Resident Research Grant Winners

ACVIM Resident Research Grants

After much thoughtful consideration, the ACVIM will no longer be offering Resident Research Grants.

The program ran from 2018-2020 and Resident Research Grant winners worked with established research-scientist mentors and was targeted to first and second year residents.  Budget requests up to $10,000 were considered with an estimated project completion date within 1 year. The expected outcome was a publication with the resident as first author and a scientific presentation of research at the ACVIM Forum, or discipline-specific scientific meeting.

With the transition of the program, the ACVIM is dedicated to identifying and promoting other opportunities to increase research competency among members and residents. The Education and Research Committee is working to provide alternative research training resources and networking opportunities and will provide updates as soon as they become available.

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ACVIM Resident Research Grants in Partnership with Purina Institute

ACVIM Resident Research Grant Winners

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