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Do you want to reach the most qualified job candidates for a position within your institution? The ACVIM online job board is a valuable resource to post job openings and view resumes. With the job board, you can also manage your online recruitment efforts.

Looking for a Certified Veterinary Technician?

The ACVIM recognizes the essential contributions of the veterinary technician community. Their ongoing dedication and professionalism aids advances toward the shared goal of excellence in animal healthcare.

Veterinary technician specialists certified by the Academy of Internal Medicine for Veterinary Technicians (AIMVT) are an integral part of the veterinary healthcare team. These individuals have made the extra effort to increase their knowledge in the fields of Cardiology, Large Animal Internal Medicine, Neurology, Oncology, and Small Animal Internal Medicine.

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If you wish to expand your career or explore new possibilities, post your resume online where you can potentially reach hundreds of recruiters looking to fill positions.