Approved Residency Training Programs

Welcome to the ACVIM Residency Training Program (RTP). You are on your way to advancing your career and becoming an ACVIM Board-certified specialist. Click the specialty area below to view currently approved programs.

*Reminder: You MUST register as a Candidate within 90 days of starting an RTP

Additional information regarding the requirements for the various RTP Positions: RTP Position Requirements

Visit the Veterinary Internship and Residency Matching Programs for current openings and placement assistance (


RTP Relocation Requests

On occasion, an ACVIM candidate either wishes or needs to leave their current RTP and is then required to complete their training requirements in a new program. Although residency relocations are not encouraged, the ACVIM recognizes that, at times, it is necessary and will support those relocation requests through a predefined process. For more information or to initiate an RTP relocation request, please contact the ACVIM staff at

Candidates are also encouraged to contact their specialty ombudsperson in situations of relocation. Contact information for each specialty can be found below. The purpose of the Ombudsperson is to ensure that all residents feel that the path to certification is clear and that they have someone available to answer any questions that may arise. Find out more information about Residency Relocations


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