Educational Resources for Diversity and Inclusion in Veterinary Medicine

Feb 8, 2021, 11:31 AM by April Sramek

The ACVIM is taking an active ROLE in addressing the social issues and inequalities that exist in our society, as mentioned in the CEO message in the July Quarterly newsletter. Diversity, inclusion and belonging for all is not a policy or program developed within the walls of your institution. It is about bringing humanity into the conversation.

In that vein, we are proud to share educational resources to provide you with opportunities that invite curiosity, provoke self-awareness and provide tools to help bridge differences, whether they exist with coworkers, friends, family members or clients.

Some of these topics may feel uncomfortable. Some of these topics may clash with your beliefs. Our hope is that, after reviewing these resources, you have a better awareness and understanding of the perspectives of others and, potentially, your own.

We have to be more suspicious of our sense of knowing.”

-Vernā Myers, VP Inclusion Strategy at Netflix


Educational Offerings:

Coming soon to the ACVIM Forum On Demand: Racial Diversity and Access to Veterinary Care

Sponsored by FidoCure

Presented by Dr. Michael Blackwell, DVM, MPH, Director for the Program for Pet Health Equality at the University of Tennessee College of Social Work. The veterinary profession is the least diverse medical profession. It can be argued that this lack of diversity makes reaching all of society more difficult. Socioeconomics certainly plays a significant role in who receives services or experience health disparities. Minority, women, and young pet owners are disproportionately affected. This societal challenge requires interprofessional collaborations. Dr. Blackwell will share some of his life story as a minority in veterinary medicine, including racism and oppression he witnessed and experienced since the days of growing up in his dad’s veterinary practice.

LinkedIn Learning: Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging For All

Duration: 5 hours

In this complimentary LinkedIn Learning path, comprised of seven stand-alone courses, the key elements of unconscious bias, addressing culturally sensitive issues, how to hire and retain diverse talent, standing up to bullying in the workplace and more will be covered. The learning path can be completed at your pace and on your schedule. Courses include a recorded lecture presented by subject matter experts, a transcript of the recording, a Q&A forum and downloadable exercise files. You are welcome and encouraged to share this learning path and the associated resources with anyone you think may benefit.

Project Implicit: Social Attitudes

Duration: Variable

Very few people will admit they are biased, but we all are. This free online test, “Project Implicit: Social Attitudes” identifies areas where we are biased so we can begin to become aware of our unconscious thoughts. To complete the assessment, you will have the option to create an account or continue as a guest, after which you may select which assessment(s) you would like to take. Options include: Gender-Science, Age, Disability, Race, Skin-tone, Sexuality, Religion, Weight and more.

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