Veterinary Visionaries Solving Event

Apr 8, 2022, 12:48 PM by The ACVIM

The ACVIM has partnered with a newly formed veterinary group called Veterinary VisionariesTM. This is an innovative think- tank addressing tough issues in veterinary medicine one at a time.

Beginning April 29, Veterinary Visionaries will be hosting a Solving Event regarding mental health and psychological wellbeing for veterinary professionals. Utilizing an online platform, this future-focused collaboration will be hosted by nearly 50 organizations that banded together for online, crowd-sourced problem-solving. We hope that crowd includes you.

If you’d like to submit your BIG idea, simply register on the platform. Not only can you post your solution, but you can comment on those submitted, link up with others to enhance their ideas, and acknowledge other great solutions, too. When the event closes on May 27th, a panel of mental health and veterinary professionals will carefully assess every idea, ranking them on set criteria including viability, activation time, required funding, and more.

More details on how to access the event will follow in the weeks to come. You can learn more now about Veterinary Visionaries below.

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