Specialty Trademark Approval Update

May 15, 2023, 12:19 PM by The ACVIM

In recognition of the importance of distinguishing our members as specialists in the veterinary profession, the ACVIM moved to protect that distinction. After a year of working with the United State Patent and Trademark Office, we have successfully registered trademarking for the following specialty titles:

  • Board-Certified Veterinary Cardiologist
  • Board-Certified Large Animal Internal Medicine Specialist
  • Board-Certified Veterinary Oncologist
  • Board-Certified Veterinary Neurologist
  • Board-Certified Small Animal Internal Medicine Specialist
  • Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist (no hyphen) This was previously trademarked by the nutrition specialty before they merged with the ACVIM.

Please continue using those titles on your LinkedIn accounts, signature blocks, websites, etc., or update them if you haven’t already. We are now in the process of developing policies to protect these titles and to report abuse and misuse.

Please reach out to with any questions regarding specialty titles or credential use.

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