Free Debt-Counseling Webinars: Presented by the ACVIM and VIN Foundation

Aug 21, 2023, 10:24 AM by The ACVIM

Climbing Mt. Debt: Interest is back, payments and changes are coming. Are you ready? 

Race-approved for 2 CE credit hours

The ACVIM and VIN Foundation are collaborating to present four free debt-counseling webinars, each tailored to a specific group in our community. Learn more about the current and future changes you need to know, including how those changes may impact your Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) plans. We'll then turn the floor over to you to go through your student loan and repayment questions and show you how to get personalized help with your loans.

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September 6, 2:00 pm CTSeptember 12, 2:00 pm CTOctober 18, 2:00 pm CTNovember 15, 5:00 pm CT
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Presented by: 

Tony Bartels, DVM, MBA


Rebecca Mears, DVM


Tony and Rebecca are VIN and VIN Foundation Student Debt Education team members.


The pandemic forbearance benefits are ending. Student loan interest starts September 1st, and payments resume in October. A number of changes have taken effect already, including updates to REPAYE (called SAVE) and updates to PSLF. Plus, more changes are expected next summer, like the phase out of PAYE.

During each session, Tony and Rebecca demystify repayment restart details and new repayment strategies:

  • Income-Driven recertification details: What will your payment be in October?
  • One-time forgiveness count adjustment (limited time only)
  • IDR and PSLF changes, including the new SAVE plan and PAYE phase out
  • Your student loan and repayment questions
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