November Board Meeting Summary from Dr. Jane Sykes

Nov 14, 2023, 00:00 AM by Jane Sykes


Dear ACVIM Members,

The ACVIM Board of Regents met in person in Denver on Wednesday, November 1 to Friday, November 3 for our standing November Board meeting. On Wednesday, we toured the new ACVIM headquarters and onboarded our newly elected Board members: Drs. Henry Green (ACVIM President-Elect), Sheila Carrera-Justiz (Specialty President, Neurology), Josh Stern (Specialty President, Cardiology), Tracy Hill (Member-At-Large), and Brent Credille (Member-At-Large). Dr. Sandy Taylor will be transitioning from Member-At-Large to LAIM Specialty President.

On Thursday, we participated in a workshop that focused on characteristics of high-performing boards. This helped us identify strategies to improve our efficiency and performance at future board meetings and provided initial direction for a 2024 pre-Forum workshop on training program structure and oversight.

During our meeting we approved a 2024 budget that anticipates $9.4M in revenue, $9.2M in expense, and $214K in excess income. Our 2024 budget included funding for a much-needed new technology platform for member, Candidate, and residency training program (RTP) management. It also included support for a new ACVIM Endorsed Statement program, including funds for a methodologist to guide panelists in developing new statements. Readers interested in learning more about this program are referred to the recent editorial article in JVIM.

"It was a pleasure serving in the role of Board Chair at this meeting together with exceptionally talented, dedicated, and thoughtful staff and Diplomates of the ACVIM."

The report of the newly formed Certification Council was reviewed and discussed. We received a presentation from Drs. Stephen DiBartola and Ken Hinchcliff on the desktop review of JVIM, as well as a presentation from the RTP Oversight Task Force that included initial work on a dashboard that provides key metrics for training program quality. We approved the formation of a new Task Force that is charged with continuing this important work. This new Residency Training Task Force will be comprised of the Residency Training Committee chairs and some members of the outgoing RTP Oversight Task Force.

The Board also clarified the charge for the new Endorsement Criteria Task Force, which will define criteria for endorsement of external position statements by the ACVIM. New specialty charter documents were finalized, which have more clearly defined the structure and roles of our six specialty groups. You can find each specialty charter on their respective specialty webpages.

Please join us in recognizing our outgoing Board members: Drs. Harold McKenzie (Immediate Past Chair), Chris Sanchez (Specialty President, LAIM), Joan Coates (Specialty President, Neurology), Steve Rosenthal (Specialty President, Cardiology), and Karyn Harrell (Outgoing Member-At-Large). Thank you for all your significant efforts on the Board of Regents and service to the ACVIM.

It was a pleasure serving in the role of Board Chair at this meeting together with exceptionally talented, dedicated, and thoughtful staff and Diplomates of the ACVIM. I look forward to a strong future for our College and its membership!


Warm regards,

Jane Sykes, BVSc (Hons), PhD, MBA, DACVIM (SAIM)
Chair, ACVIM Board of Regents


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