Meet the Certification Council: Dr. Karen Muñana

May 24, 2024, 00:00 AM by The ACVIM

The ACVIM Certification Council is responsible for essential certification decisions including oversight of exam, credentials and MOC committees and task forces related to certification. The Council is comprised of a representative from each of the ACVIM's six specialties, a public member, staff liaisons, as well as ACVIM CEO Shannon Carter and Senior Director of Certification Nicole Finn.

View the Council roster here and read more about Council members Dr. Karen Muñana below!

Karen Muñana, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Neurology) | Council Chair and Neurology Representative
Professor, NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Why did you decide to volunteer to serve on the Certification Council?
The ACVIM has always played a large role in my professional identity; I am proud to be an ACVIM Diplomate and am grateful for the support and opportunities that being a member of the college have afforded me. I have volunteered for numerous positions and committees over the years as a way to show my appreciation and give back to the organization. I served on the Transformation Task Force that was convened to guide the development of the Certification Council. My experience on the Transformation Task Force proved very rewarding, in part because I consider training and certification of future specialists to be one of the most important responsibilities of ACVIM, and this motivated me to apply to be a member of the inaugural Certification Council.  I accepted the position as Chair of the Council because I believed that my experience serving on the Transformation Task Force positioned me well to assume these responsibilities and help guide the Certification Council as it began its work.

How do you view your role on the council as it relates to your specialty?
In my role as a council member, I am involved in all ACVIM certification-related decisions.  As the Neurology representative, I also oversee the Neurology certification committees and taskforces. This includes the Credentials Committee, the exam related committees and the Maintenance of Credentials committee. 

What is your vision for the future/the overall goal of your time spent on the Council?
The Certification Council was established only a year ago, and I believe that the first few years will be very important in establishing a foundation for the council’s future success.  During my time on the council, my goal is to help build this framework.  This includes implementing processes to facilitate the council’s responsibilities and integration within ACVIM, while moving forward with the council’s duty of overseeing and improving ACVIM certification practices – to ensure the reputation of ACVIM Diplomate status among veterinary professionals and the pet-owning public.


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