A Letter to the ACVIM from the Mayor of Austin

Mar 22, 2022, 14:27 PM by The ACVIM

In response to the most recent legislation in Texas, the ACVIM would like to reaffirm our commitment to a community of inclusiveness that respects the diverse backgrounds and values of our members, Candidates, staff and partners. We value all our members and condemn discrimination in all forms.

While relocating or cancelling the ACVIM Forum is not a feasible option, we want to assure our community that we are working to make our time in Texas feel inclusive and welcoming for everyone. As a part of this effort, the mayor of Austin has written a letter to the ACVIM reaffirming the city’s stance on inclusivity, its condemnation of recent legislation and welcoming all to Austin. We invite you to read the letter below.

As we continue to work to ensure the 2022 ACVIM Forum is an inclusive event, we understand that the decision to attend in Austin will not feel right for everyone. We respect and support individual choice and encourage you to contact the governor of Texas if you would like to voice your opinion on current legislation. The ACVIM will continue to update our members on our efforts to create a welcoming conference experience. 

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