Program Committee Resources

2019 ACVIM Forum Program Committee Resources

Important Deadlines to Remember

September 10, 2018
Call for Scientific Sessions and Interactive Sessions. CLOSED

September 10, 2018
Programs from Affiliated Specialty Veterinary Groups (ASVGs) submitted, including speaker contact information to ACVIM (to be shared with subcommittee chairs for overlap review). CLOSED

October 29, 2018
Programs due from the all ACVIM subcommittees (including Specialty Symposium), Business Management, Education & Research and Interactive Session selections.

Fall Board of Regents Meeting 
Final review of all session programming by Forum Chair and Assistant Chair.

January 4, 2019

Call for Research Reports and Research Abstracts open. Note: ACVIM will only be having one call for Research sessions for the 2019 ACVIM Forum. 

January 25, 2019
Call for Research Reports and Research Abstracts close.

January 31-February 11, 2019
Research Report submissions reviewed by subcommittees.

February 8, 2019
Proceedings due to Ivy Leventhal  (ACVIM). Proceedings are then submitted to VIN for general editorial review. 

February 18, 2019
Specialty Subcommittees submit selected Research Reports to the ACVIM office.

February 18, 2019
Deadline for submission of sessions  from European Specialty Organizations.

March 15, 2019
ASVG moderator assignments due to central office.