Past ACVIM Forums

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Future ACVIM Forums

June 10-12, 2021 
Specialty Symposium June 9, 2021

Seattle, Washington  
Washington State Convention Center (Summit Building) 
June 16-18, 2022
Specialty Symposium June 15, 2022

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Pennsylvania Convention Center
June 15-17, 2023 
Specialty Symposium June 14, 2023

Minneapolis, Minnesota 
Minneapolis Convention Center
June 6-8, 2024
Specialty Symposium June 5, 2024

Past ACVIM Forums

You are welcome to use our photos, but please give ACVIM photo credit, "Photos courtesy of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, ACVIM Forum."

2020 ACVIM Forum On Demand

The 2020 ACVIM Forum took place in an online, interactive platform.
2020 Forum Highlights & Recap

2019 ACVIM Forum

2018 ACVIM Forum
The 2018 ACVIM Forum was held in Seattle, WA
2018 ACVIM Forum Highlights & Recap
2018 ACVIM Forum Photos
2018 ACVIM Forum Program
2018 ACVIM Forum Proceedings
2018 Award Winners

2017 ACVIM Forum

The 2017 ACVIM Forum was held in National Harbor, MD
2017 ACVIM Forum Highlights & Recap
2017 ACVIM Forum Photos
2017 ACVIM Forum Program 
2017 ACVIM Forum Proceedings
2017 Award Winners 
2017 Animal Survivors 

2016 ACVIM Forum

The 2016 ACVIM Forum was held in Denver, CO
2016 ACVIM Forum Photos
2016 ACVIM Forum Program
2016 ACVIM Forum Proceedings
2016 Award Winners
2016 Animal Survivors

2015 ACVIM Forum

The 2015 ACVIM Forum was held in Indianapolis, IN
2015 ACVIM Forum Photos
2015 ACVIM Forum Program
2015 ACVIM Forum Proceedings
2015 Award Winners
2015 Animal Survivor

2014 ACVIM Forum

The 2014 ACVIM Forum was held in Nashville, TN
2014 ACVIM Forum Photos
2014 ACVIM Forum Program
2014 ACVIM Forum Proceedings
2014 Award Winners
2014 Animal Survivors

2013 ACVIM Forum

The 2013 ACVIM Forum was held in Seattle, WA
2013 ACVIM Forum Photos
2013 ACVIM Forum Program
2013 ACVIM Forum Proceedings
2013 Award Winners
2013 Animal Survivors

2012 ACVIM Forum

The 2012 ACVIM Forum was held in New Orleans, LA
2012 ACVIM Forum Photos
2012 ACVIM Forum Program
2012 ACVIM Forum Proceedings
2012 Award Winners
2012 Animal Survivors


Print Versions of Proceedings
Print versions of ACVIM Forum proceedings are available through Curran Associates, from 2009 through the current Forum.

Online Proceedings Access
ACVIM Diplomates and Forum attendees have access to past proceedings online through the link below (attendees can access only those years they have attended the Forum). All proceedings are provided through VIN with a user name and password.