Associate Status

Associate Status

Associate Status

ACVIM Associate Status grants veterinarians with advanced training in cardiology, large animal internal medicine, neurology, oncology, or small animal internal medicine but who are not eligible for ACVIM Board-certification to enjoy a limited number of benefits typically granted only to ACVIM Diplomates (e.g., reduced registration fees at the ACVIM Forum, opportunity to attend Advanced Continuing Education courses, opportunity to attend the Specialty Symposium day at the ACVIM Forum, and others). 

Associate Status Fees
There is an initial non-refundable application fee of $450 to be paid at the time of application. Annual dues will be billed on October 1 of each year and is the same as the current annual Diplomate fee.

Benefits of Associate Status
Associates will be eligible to receive the following benefits from their status:

• Reduced fees (and priority registration, if applicable) for ACVIM educational programs and products when available. 
• Reduced registration fees for the ACVIM Forum (including priority registration for limited attendance events). 
• Qualified to apply for ACVIM grant opportunities. 
• Invitation to attend the ACVIM Pre-Forum Day. 
• Qualified to serve as reviewer or judge for ACVIM Forum abstracts. 
• Member access to the ACVIM website and online community. 
• Use of the ACVIM associate logo. 
• In addition, each specialty may grant additional benefits that will be outlined in their respective GIG. 

Items not included as benefits:

• Ineligible to vote on ballots (including Board of Regents elections) being considered by the general or the specialty membership. 
• Ineligible for election to the ACVIM Board of Regents or specialty offices. 
• Ineligible to serve on any examination or examination rating committees.
• Ineligible to serve as a chair on any standing committee of ACVIM. 
• It is important to note that ACVIM recognition of a specialist does not confer specialist status in the eyes of ABVS/AVMA. 

Anticipated Clinical Training 
Individuals applying for Associate Status are expected to: 

• Be a graduate of a college or school of veterinary medicine recognized by the AVMA and be licensed to practice veterinary medicine in their country of residence. 
• Have completed a minimum of three years of post-graduate clinical training including at least one year of general clinical experience and at least two years of specialist training. 

The specialist training should be comparable to the training an ACVIM resident undergoes, including: 

• Exposure to the core diagnostic and therapeutic equipment considered necessary to the specialty 
• Exposure to an adequate clinical case load 
• Oversight by at least one specialist 
• Comparable number of total weeks to the equivalent ACVIM training program 
• Cross training with appropriate specialists in related fields 
• Routine and regular participation in a critical review of the literature, e.g. journal club. 
• Completion of a research project or participation in research training comparable to the ACVIM requirements. 

Credentials as a Specialist 
The applicant should establish a track record of work as a specialist in their field by:
a. Publishing in the relevant veterinary literature 
b. Attending and/or presenting at meetings for specialists 
c. Being actively engaged in the practice of their specialty 

Process for Approval of Associate Status 

• Candidates for Associate Status should contact the ACVIM office to initiate the process and identify the ACVIM specialty with which they are seeking Associate Status. The candidate should provide a CV and a description of their training (above) in the particular specialty. 
• The International Relations Committee (IRC) will complete initial review of the application package. 
• After the candidate’s background and credentials are deemed appropriate for Associate Status, the IRC Chair or ACVIM staff will present the application package to the President of the appropriate ACVIM specialty. 
• As needed, each ACVIM specialty will establish a process by which Associate Status will be either approved or denied at the specialty level. 
• After approval at the level of the individual specialty, the involved specialty president will present the candidate to the ACVIM Board of Regents for approval by majority vote. 
Associate status will be maintained as long as annual dues are paid. Also, credentials must be re-approved every 10 years according to the credentialing guidelines in effect at that time.

Associate Status Agreement

For application information, please contact the ACVIM Membership Department.